Plumbing Tools For Home

Must-Have Plumbing Tools at Home

Whenever there are toilet overflows or sink clogs, plumbing tools may be treated as a godsend, especially on weekends and in the last minute before the guests begin to arrive. If there are bigger problems that involve a burst pipe, the wisest thing is to shut off the local water supply and call a Toronto area plumber. However, if you wish to keep some handy tools readily available, following are some of the basic tools that are needed to keep everyday plumbing annoyances at bay.


It is important that every home has these suckers or pushers that come with rubber cups in order to form a seal around the toilet or drain. If you want to clear sink clogs or tub clogs, the perfect tool to be used is a cap plunger. In case of toilets, a flange plunger is just perfect as it comes with a non-splash ball cup.

Closet auger:

This is perfect for clearing toilet clogs as it comes with a handle, crank and auger bit tipped flexible shaft. This tool is priced at around $10 to $20 for Toronto residents.

Plumber’s snake or Hand auger:

Obstructions or clogs form the sink, shower drains and tubs are removed by a ¼-inch steel cabled hand-powered crank that costs around $15 to $30.


Almost anything can be cut with this saw including a metal pipe, nuts, hardware or bolts. All you need to make sure is to keep blades tight in the frame, with extras on hand. This tool is priced at $15 to $30.

Adjustable pipe wrench:

Pipes are gripped with this plumbing tool that comes with a serrated mouth. It comes with a fixed jaw and also one work by rotating a thumb screw. It is always advisable to buy two, one for holding and the other one for turning. This tool costs around $17 to $35.

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